Our priorities

In an extensive process of engaging with our community, the Mount Barker District Council was able to determine six community priorities.

We will pursue partnerships and opportunities that build on our strengths and we are committed to exploring and developing new ideas and shared narratives that drive credible business cases and tangible outcomes for our district.

Each priority direction has the potential to significantly enhance community wellbeing, economic prosperity and ecological sustainability; the themes that underpin our Community Plan and that are emphasised in our investment prospectus.

Circular Economies

Moving beyond recycling and rubbish to redefining ‘waste’ as a resource and stimulating community farming and agriculture through innovation, education and financial participation.

Activating Tourism

Developing Mount Barker as the  heart of the Adelaide Hills and promoting its first-class tourism experiences and destinations.

Growth Infrastructure

Providing the infrastructure and services needed  to enable Mount Barker’s evolution into a small, modern and progressive city, servicing its residents and businesses, smaller towns and villages and the wider region.

Nature Connection

Recognising and celebrating the biodiversity values of the region and harnessing our collective wisdom, knowledge, skills and resources to elevate biodiversity protection and replenishment to the highest of priorities.

Climate Innovation

Tackling the  climate emergency through a concerted, focussed and coordinated effort  to reduce emissions and to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Healthy Community

Celebrating and supporting the community and  ensuring that community cohesiveness is maintained and strengthened and that our priority populations have the opportunity to live healthy and inclusive lives.


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