Our Current Food System

How can a healthy and sustainable food system drive climate change action? Support local jobs? Reduce food waste? Connect us as a community?

In 2021 Council was involved in a food systems mapping project where food system advocates imagined a future where a sustainable and resilient food system was possible.

Through workshops and conversations, Council officers, collaborators and community members sought to understand how the food system is influenced by the myriad of variables; from production and distribution, through to consumption and food waste. They then looked ahead to what kind of future food systems they could see for themselves and for the region.

This page highlights some of the food system challenges and opportunities for us to work on together in the Mount Barker district and across the region.

We are interested in talking to, and collaborating with, individuals, community groups, government and non-government organisations and businesses to further support a sustainable and resilient food system.

Find out how you can be involved here.

How it’s going

In 2016, Agricultural production in the Mount Barker district was worth $132 million.

The biggest contributors were:




But not everything is going well...

Food waste recycling
participation is low

The sector is losing jobs

Food insecure Australians doubled during COVID


  • Chemical vs. organic farming
  • Corporate not local produce
  • Money leaving region
  • Losing farmland to new developments
  • Limited indigenous food production
  • Aging farming population
  • Soil quality / toxins / nutrient depletion
  • Climate change affecting food production
  • Food production affecting biodiversity

Challenges & Barriers


Food education

New development
requirements and

Getting young people
interested in farming

General inequality

Impacts of climate change and the loss of biodiversity


  • State and local planning systems
  • Population growth pressure
  • Corporate food production and distribution power (agriculture, supermarkets, fast food)

We’ve been dreaming up the food system we want in Mount Barker

Food security
for all

Zero waste,
composting toilets and
compostable packaging

Supermarkets sourcing
local produce

Closed loop and
regenerative agriculture

Food growing incorporated
into planning system and
building code

Fruit trees in new

A thriving local food
culture and economy

Learn more and get involved

Our Local Food Systems Mount Barker Engagement
Workshop Report – December 2021

Council Meeting update report
Read more here

More information on the wider food systems
project can be accessed here
Visit SA Urban Food

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