Healthy Community

The Mount Barker district has a highly engaged community, but meaningful connection and support isn’t guaranteed or assumed for all, now nor in the future.

Group of older people practising Tai Chi in a grassy clearing

As the district population grows, it will be important to ensure that community cohesiveness is maintained and strengthened and that our priority populations  are supported and have the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives and to feel part of this community.

The community values connection as a strength and high priority; how can we identify and progress future opportunities and fill the gaps in community support that currently exist.

What’s already happening

Healthy Community work is already happening in the Mount Barker district, with examples including:

  • community and library programs
  • support for volunteers
  • support for community groups
  • funding and other resources for the Mount Barker Community Centre
  • provision of community buildings and sport and recreation facilities
  • hosting and promotion of festivals and special events
  • implementation of the reconciliation action plan
  • cultural programs and community art.

Priority partners

Business and other commercial operators, community organisations, social enterprises, government organisations as well as many informal local groups can work together to resource and realise the Healthy Community priority. These partners include:

  • Mount Barker Community Centre
  • community facilities (e.g. the men’s shed and pageant shed, Adelaide Hills Recreation Centre)
  • corporate and business sector
  • not-for-profit enterprises in a range of areas including disability, aged care and those supporting culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • community associations and committees (Resident’s Associations, hall committees, sport and recreation committees)
  • business and trader groups, including Business Mount Barker the Mount Barker Business Group, Hahndorf Business and Tourism Association, Adelaide Hills Tourism, township traders group
  • residential and commercial property developers
  • education providers (e.g. universities, training organisations, schools, TAFE)
  • arts organisations
  • COTA
  • Migrant Resource Centre
  • LGBTIQ+ support groups 
  • health groups 
  • universities and  research organisations.

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